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Linda Evangelista. 2000-е.

"Mannequin à l'état pur" - Vogue Paris October 2001 - ph. Mario Testino

"She's back" - Vogue US September 2001 - ph. Steven Meisel



"Linda's Couture" - Vogue Italia Unique supplement, March 2002, ph. Steven Meisel

Elle France, September 2003, ph. Ellen Von Unwerth

"An Haute-Couture Fantasy" - Harper's Bazaar US December 2003 - ph Jean-Paul Goude


"Fall's New Classics" - Harper's Bazaar US September 2003 - ph Solve Sundsbo

"Linda Jette Le Trouble" - Elle France, September 2003 - ph. Dominique  Isserman

 "Linda Dans la Vestiaire des Hommes" - Elle France, September 2003 - Photographed by Linda herself!

"Linda Revise Ses Classiques" - Elle France, September 2003 - ph. Jean-Baptiste Mondino

"Linda's New Look" - Vogue Italia November 2003, ph. Graig McDean

Makeover Madness  by Steven Meisel
From Vogue Italia July 2005
Featuring Linda Evangelista, Missy Rayder, Elise Crombez, Julia Stegner,
Hana Soukupova, Inguna Butane, Jessica Stam, Eugenia Volodina


"Cover: Linda by Steven"
This story is a celebration of Sharon Stone and the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Apparantly Sharon Stone had a complete surgical overhaul before her triumphant red carpet appearance at Cannes. Allegedly, Sharon recuperated at the Carlysle hotel, where this editorial was shot.

Linda plays Sharon, and herself.

Inguna, Eugenia, Julia, Elise and others play plastic surgery patients, wearing bandages and the latest in designer fashions. The new girls pose in group shots, and recuperate together. Perhaps they represent new Hollywood? Britney, Mandy Moore, etc.

Linda stands alone. She drinks a coca-cola thru a purple straw while enduring lipo. She checks her email on her laptop in her hospital bed on her tummy wearing heels. Makes a cell phone call during lipo.

The line between reality and fashion has never been thinner!

If the monster LA issue earlier in the year was an US Weekly issue as hi fashion, this is the behind the scenes gossip, imagined as reality, starring famous models.

The before and after pics are so "The Swan".

Say what you will about Steven Meisel, his thumb is firmly pressed on the pulse of pop culture."


"Sleepwalking" - POP UK n°11 2005 - ph Hellen Van Meene

Vogue Portugal 2005, ph. Patrick Demarchelier

Built for Speed, Vogue US, August 2006, ph.Steven Klein

"My Model Beauty" - Elle UK February 2006
"My Beauty Secrets" - Easy Living UK - March 2006

"The Simpsons Go to Paris with Linda Evangelista"  Harper's Bazaar - August 2007 Illustrated by Julius Preite

"Paroles d'Evangelista" - Elle France 30th April 2007 - ph Paola Kudacki

"Eyes of Linda" - V magazine #52, Sping 2008 - ph. Faena

Vanity Fair US - September 2008 - ph. Mario Testino


"Linda Evangelista - The Duchess" - Vogue Italia June 2008 - ph. Steven Meisel

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